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Drive more interested buyers to your listings.

Command more money for your final sale.

Create interactive walkthroughs that engage your clients while showcasing the property without being on-site, let the tour sell the property for you. 

Use social media to advertise and show your property models.

Gain an advantage over competing Realtors that are not providing this service.


Create a Virtual representation of your gallery space that allows customers to view works for sale.

Include detailed information of the works for sale within the tour itself. 

Gain greater online exposure for your gallery.

Easy as 1 2 3:

Contact me to schedule a time to scan a property, preferably weekends.

Scanning is fast and depending on the size of space should be done in 1-1.5 hours typically depending on circumstances. 

Once scanned, finished model is ready as soon as the next day with links provided through email for you to link to your social networks or from your realty page.

Pricing is dependent on square footage of property, and invoiced for 30 days payment. Property will sell before you are obligated to pay!

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